Chapter 49

Lancaster, CA


A little history.

The first "Chapter" gathering was held in 1953, when Ray Stits and a number of close friends and fellow homebuilding enthusiasts met at Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA. Today, there are nearly a 1,000 active local EAA and divisional Chapters and Squadrons all over the world carrying on the tradition of recreational aviation. They are the backbone of the EAA organization. An EAA Chapter/Squadron is comprised of 10 or more EAA members who live in the same area. EAA’s growing Chapter network promotes recreational aviation activities at the local "grass roots" level.

In the Chapter family, there are several types of Chapters, such as EAA Chapters, International Chapters, Vintage Aircraft Association Chapters, Ultralight Chapters, International Aerobatic Chapters, and Warbird of America Squadrons. In addition, within these Chapters and Squadrons, there are numerous areas of special interests.

Chapter activities can range from airport open houses to pancake breakfasts that share aviation with the community and help build a stronger bond between local aviation and the general public. Chapters and Squadrons are a great resource for local knowledge and information that helps make recreational aviation fun, enjoyable, and attainable!

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